Friday, October 18, 2013

Community building....................

Doing one's civic duty includes casting your ballot.  God bless Ohio and their system of absentee voting.  Today, I had the honor of being the 2,413th absentee voter in Licking County for the upcoming November elections.  There were very few (2) contested races to decide, but one VERY important issue.  The Newark City School District is back in front of the voters, asking for the renewal of an existing levy.  School levies in Ohio are often tough to pass.  They are the one tax people get to vote on.  Frustration with all taxation gets vented on the schools.    We don't have kids in the system (for some reason that made sense at the time, they went through the Newark Catholic system), so my information is not first hand, but the Newark schools seem like a well run, fiscally prudent, kids-first operation.  A healthy community (and healthy property values) begin with a healthy school district.  I hope (all of you who are so eligible) you will join me in voting FOR the levy renewal.  Thank thee kindly.

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