Friday, February 7, 2014


The Execupundit pointed to the original list (and criteria for being so) of the 100 "coolest" Americans.  Any time a list is compiled, inevitably, folks will start to question it, including me.  While it is an impressive list, some of the includees could better be described as "hot" not cool.  (One should note that the list was prepared by the Telegraph in the UK.)  Our sensible, yet cool, friend Kurt has opted to create his own list.  Can't wait to see how he fills it in, although it seems he is asking for our help (there is a short-cut waiting by clicking on E.'s Cool Hall of Fame).  While my kids might think it ironic that I weigh in on anything "cool,"  here are a few suggestions:

Roy Orbison

Babe Ruth

Grace Kelly

George Carlin

Chuck Yeager

Buddy Holly

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