Thursday, August 21, 2014

Did you ever wonder about corn..................?

..................Sure seems like a lot of plant for a little output.  Why did God design an 8' tall stalk to support one ear?   Seems like a waste of energy.  Wouldn't 4' tall have been sufficient?  How come most stalks have one ear, but some stalks have two?  Just wondering.  Corn is pretty important in the Midwest.  Fortunately, the folks at Wikipedia have done some research.  You may read more than you really want to know about maize here.  A more specific, and shorter, answer to the question of "how many ears per stalk" may be found here.

From where I was standing, these healthy looking stalks seemed about 9' tall                          

The exception to this field's one-ear-per -stalk tendency

Your basic one ear per stalk plant

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  1. If someone were to have told me this yesterday morning I simply would not have believed the one ear per stalk "truth." You have enlightened your readers in another way today Sensei. Or at least E. Steve. E.