Sunday, September 21, 2014

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Two dead men changed the course of my life that fall.  One of them I knew and the other I'd never laid eyes on until I saw him in the morgue.  The first was Pete Wolinsky, and unscrupulous private detective I'd met years before through Byrd-Shine Investigations, where I'd served my apprenticeship.  I worked for Ben Byrd and Morley Shine for three years, amassing the six thousand hours I needed for my license.  The two were old-school private eyes, hard-working, tireless, and inventive.  While Ben and Morley did business with Pete on occasion, they didn't think much of him.  He was morally shabby, disorganized, and irresponsible with money.  In addition, he was constantly pestering them for work, since his marketing skills were minimal and his reputation too dubious to recommend him without an outside push.  Byrd-Shine might subcontract the odd stretch of surveillance to him or assign him a routine records search, but his name never appeared on a client report.  This didn't prevent him from stopping by the office without invitation or dropping their names in casual conversations with attorneys, implying a close professional relationship.  Pete was a man who cut corners and he assumed his colleagues did likewise.   More problematic was the fact that he'd rationalized his bad behavior for so long it had become standard operating procedure.
-Sue Grafton, from the Prologue to W Is For Wasted

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