Monday, August 3, 2015


If I paid more attention, I believe there may be a way to "time" the market based on the timing of waves of calls we get from investment salesmen peddling oil & gas or other commodity investments.  When they get around to calling us, it surely means they have run out of real buyers.  Occasionally - for educational and entertainment purposes only - I will listen to the full sales pitch.  Usually though, in the interest of saving time for the both of us, I interrupt the pitch and say, "Sorry, I won't be buying your product. We have all of our money tied up in real estate."  Sometimes the sales guy wants to argue my point, but typically they - thankfully - just hang up.  My way of avoiding the sales pitch has all the benefits of being true.  ALL of our money is in real estate.  However, that doesn't stop me from reading investment advice blogs.  Like this one, offering ONE way to invest, and SIX ways not to invest.  Looks like sound advice to me.

Two wee excerpts:
"If you’re not a financial professional, try not to spend too much time, energy, or brain space on this investing task. Simplicity and modesty can actually put you way ahead of the pros trying to do fancy things with their investment portfolios."

"Well, the best time to be in the market is always thirty years ago. But you can’t get there from here unless you start today."


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