Friday, August 7, 2015


     Because emotions emit a vibrational energy field, they affect and determine the people who are in our lives.  Life events become influenced by our repressed and suppressed emotions on the psychic level.  Thus anger attracts angry thoughts.  The basic rule of the psychic universe is that "like attracts like."  Similarly, "love promotes love,"  so that the person who has let go of a lot of inner negativity is surrounded by loving thoughts, loving events, loving people, and loving pets.  This phenomenon explains many scriptural quotations and common sayings that have puzzled the intellect, such as, "The rich get richer and poor get poorer," and "Those who have, get."  As a general rule, therefore, people who are carrying the consciousness of apathy bring poverty circumstances into their lives, and those with a prosperity consciousness bring abundance into their lives.

-David Hawkins, as excerpted from Letting Go:  The Pathway of Surrender

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