Tuesday, September 15, 2020

About sunbeams................................

     Just be glad.  Whether there is anything to be glad for or not, just be glad.  It is the royal path to happiness.  It is the royal path to all that is worthy and beautiful in life.  Above all things, possess gladness, and you will soon possess those things that produce gladness.  Be your own sunbeam, and you will attract a million sunbeams.  Be your own source of your own joy, and you will attract everything and everybody that can add to your joy.  To him that hath shall be given.  And he already hath who has found the riches of his own nature.  To find those riches is the first step.  All else must follow.  All other things will be added.  And to find those riches, use well every talent you possess.  Then whatever comes, just be glad.  For all things respond to the call of rejoicing;  all things gather where life is a song.

-Christian D. Larson, Just Be Glad:  Insights For Your Spiritual Journey

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