Saturday, February 13, 2021

Election fraud......................

 I am certain that voting shenanigans went on in the most recent election.  Did it determine the outcome?  Maybe, maybe not.  Regardless, students of America will know that what occurred in 2020 was child's play in the context of our history.  To wit:

Already, some two generations out of slavery, when statistically they had been three-fifths of a person, "Negroes" conducted an unrequited love affair with the republic that had, reluctantly at best, freed them in 1863.  They fought in U.S. wars and paid taxes.  They rendered cheap labor on railroads and docks, in factories, private kitchens, and cotton fields.  Although fulfilling the obligations of citizenship, Negroes were systematically denied the benefits.  White supremacy was certified and enforced as national policy by the full force of the Supreme Court, Congress, and the executive branch of the federal government, although in wholly different ways.  The Court's 1896  Plessy v. Ferguson "separate but equal" ruling was a sham decision that froze in place an impregnable caste structure under legalized segregation.  Negroes were repressed as a permanent underclass and were flagrantly denied equal access to housing, jobs, education, public accommodations, due process in the courts, and despite, the passage of the Fifteenth Amendment, the guaranteed right to vote.  Even when American women were granted the vote in 1920, Negroes across gender lines were largely denied the franchise, especially in the South, where some 80 percent of them lived.

-Les Payne, The Dead Are Arising:  The Life of Malcolm X

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