Saturday, October 16, 2021

The hopeful birth.........................

 ..........................of a sub-division:  Episode 13

Tapping the water main:

To develop 41 acres into 113 residential building lots, access to municipal water is a necessity. In our case, the nearest city water main lays on the opposite side of the Horns Hill Road from our sub-division.   Needing to maintain traffic on a fairly busy road, having an "open cut" was just not possible.  The solution was to bore underneath the road to access the 16" water main.  A 16" water line is fairly sizable with significant water pressure.  One wants to be careful.  The main line is located  just a foot or two outside of the limits of the Horns Hill pavement, so we had no choice but to excavate one lane of pavement.  Took most of a day, but mission accomplished.

Road cut, water main exposed

A fairly skilled hoe operator 

Maintaining Horns Hill traffic

Cleaning the water main

Beginning the bore.  The black pipe behind the machine
is the water line that will go under Horns Hill Road

Advancing the bore confidently 

A boring machine

top half of the tapping sleeve

The bore goes underneath Horns Hill Road

Installing the tapping sleeve

The bore breaks through, right on target

Preparing to tap the main

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