Friday, October 15, 2021

The hopeful birth................................

 .....................of a sub-division:  Episode 12

Installing water lines.

For this phase of the sub-division, the requirements for water service include about 2,000 lineal feet of 8" ductile iron pipe for the mains, an equivalent amount of 3/4" copper for individual lot service lines, as well as six fire hydrants.   Water lines go in last.  They are generally shallower than sanitary sewer and storm water lines.  Since the water is under pressure, gravity is not required to make it work.

Laying out the pipe

Your basic fire hydrant installation

Laying the water mains

Bedding the mains

Preparing to add the tap for an individual lot service line

More of same

The completed tap for the 3/4" copper service line

Trenching for the main

Water lines go in last, as their elevation is more flexible

This main runs below a sanitary sewer lateral

Connecting two water mains

Installing the 3/4" copper service lines

Connection of a service line to the water main

Preparing the shut off valve for the service line

Setting the shut off valve

Bedding the shut off valve

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