Sunday, July 17, 2022

that makes sense....................

 A Kiowa child's learning "is begun only after becoming aware of the mystery of all that is around him, strictly from a feeling point of view", says Kiowa spokesperson Allen Quetone.  This is common to all children: to learn feelingly, the mind and body walking hand in hand.  We say "it makes sense," meaning that a thought is coherent, as language itself remembers that mind is inheld in the body, skeined into an intricate kinship with the body which is itself catscradled in nature.  Thoughts are interlinked in feeling.  For feeling is not only a sense of touch but a form of knowing, the psyche dispersed, sensitive in skin, muscle and gut, perceiving the messages of a speaking world: the mind sensitive as the strings of a harp struck softly by an unlying wind, an Aeolian harp with a quality of ceaseless potential music sung into sound with breath, the lightest inspiration of a million, million messages.

-Jay Griffiths, A Country Called Childhood: Children and the Exuberant World

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