Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If Diogenes, with his lamp, came walking down the street today.................

...looking for an honest man, I would give him a link to the always
interesting and sometimes provocative blog of  Penelope Trunk.
Not sure that I've ever encountered someone so willing to look so
deeply into their inner self, and then offer it up, both the good and
the bad, for inspection by the world.  Reading her posts is like
watching a very skilled high wire aerialist at work.  You assume
the story will end well, but with no apparent safety net,
catastrophe lurks.  She is willingly sharing her journey.  The
least we can do is to join in the home schooling:

"So this is what I’m telling you: There is no should. There is
no living up to your potential. There is just doing your life.
You can’t do someone else’s life."

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