Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OK, Coach............................

"It’s the journey that matters. Learning is more important than the test. Practice well, and the games will take care of themselves."

"What’s important is not the accolades and memories of success but the way you respond when opportunities are denied."

"I need to treat everybody fairly but fair doesn’t always mean equal."

"And if God has given you a lot of ability, I believe you should be held to a higher level of expectation."

"They were unwillingly to give 100 percent if they didn’t personally think it was important. What you don’t understand is the champions know it’s all important."

"God’s definition of success is really one of significance – the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others."

"A good leader gets people to follow him because they want to, not because he makes them."

"Keeping ridiculous hours doesn’t mean you’ll be successful."

-Tony Dungy

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