Friday, April 29, 2016


16.  For a human soul, the greatest of self-inflicted wrongs is to make itself (so far as it is able to do so) a kind of tumour or abscess on the universe; for to quarrel with circumstance is always a rebellion against Nature - and Nature includes the nature of each individual part.  Another wrong, again, is to reject a fellow-creature or oppose him with malicious intent, as men do when they are angry.  A third, to surrender to pleasure or pain.  A fourth, to dissemble and show insincerity or falsity in word or deed.  A fifth, for the soul to direct its acts and endeavours to no particular object, and waste its energies purposelessly and without due thought; for even the least of our activities ought to have some end in view - and for creatures with reason, that end is conformity with the reason and law of the primordial City and Commonwealth.

-Marcus Aurelius,  Meditations,  Book Two

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