Saturday, June 3, 2017

That vision thing..............................

     As they began to plot in earnest for the general election, Hillary and her aides thought things were finally starting to go their way.  They believed Trump offered them the perfect foil against which to run a base-focused campaign with a dash of outreach to centrist Republicans fearful that he would be intemperate in an international crisis.  Trump was dividing the Republican establishment from its base in the primary, and the Clinton campaign saw an opportunity to take advantage of that rift.  If everything went right - and they thought there was a good chance of that happening - Hillary would be able to expand Democrats' dominance of the electoral map.  They couldn't or wouldn't see that Trump had spent the primaries courting voters in their backyard.

-Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes,  Shattered:  Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign

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