Monday, December 12, 2011

A Poem for a Monday before Christmas

Today's poem comes from the Jade Page Press blog.  Do go visit.

               the shopping trip

I genuflect
before the steep December precipice
and pray for calm and joy and discipline,
lest I fall over the edge into the greed and frenzy
of holiday shopping.

I keep to my mission
searching for that single gift -
that birch-bark box from the Indian store
because I have more than just an inkling
that it will be perfection.

and I hustle past the diamond-encrusted watch
and sterling silver trivet
and the candle with its subtle vanilla, amorous fragrance
past the shoppers laden with bags and frowns
and credit card bills

-- into the great beyond of satisfaction

Copyright © 2011 Nan P         used by permission

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